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December 2, 2016
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Backgrounder on Health and Safety Issues among Migrant Farmworkers in Canada

Summary of Current Research
Janet McLaughlin

published: 2010 | Research publication | IMRC Migration Research

The health and safety of migrant farmworkers in Canada had long been a neglected area of research. Several recent studies have now shed light on the issues of concern facing migrant agricultural workers in Canada. Despite these studiesí diverse contexts (Ontario and British Columbia) and methods (quantitative questionnaires and qualitative ethnography) the similar findings in each study demonstrate consistent patterns. The purpose of this backgrounder is to summarize the main findings of this recent research: (1) Hennebry, Preibisch and McLaughlin 2010; (2) McLaughlin 2009; and (3) Otero and Preibisch 2009. More detailed information on the studies is included at the end.

Download: PDF (630k)    Backgrounder_on_Health_Issues_among_MFWs_in_CanadaIMRC2010.pdf

revised Nov 26/10

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