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October 28, 2016
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Not Just a Few Bad Apples: Vulnerability, Health and Temporary Migration in Canada

Jenna L. Hennebry

published: 2010 | Research publication | published in Canadian Issues

With the support of CERIS Ontario Metropolis Centre and the Public Health Agency of Canada, this research
identifies the myriad of health risks for international temporary migrants in agriculture, and characterizes the
factors that may increase their vulnerability. Based on a quantitative survey of nearly 800 temporary migrants in
agriculture, carried out in partnership with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, this research points
to three important realities: 1) temporary migrants are a vulnerable population due to largely structural factors,
2) there are transnational health implications of temporary migration, such that, when temporary migrants
become ill, they are unlikely to receive adequate treatment and thus return home with the illness unresolved,
and 3) risk, vulnerability and transferability are compounded for this group and consequently, concerns regarding
migrant health, particularly with respect to communicable/infectious, food-borne and water-borne disease, need
to extend beyond the individual worker to both to migrantsí home communities and Canadian communities.

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