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December 8, 2016
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Who has their eye on the ball? “Jurisdictional fútbol” and Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Jenna L. Hennebry

published: 2010 | Research publication | published in POLICY OPTIONS

A paradigm shift is well underway in Canada with respect to migration, one in
which temporary migration rivals permanent migration and where the transition
from temporary to permanent status has become the “new normal,” says Jenna
Hennebry. Here she discusses some of the changing realities of Canada’s
Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and asks whether it is a “win-win” policy for
both Canada and the sending countries. With particular attention to the impact
on development and labour market distortion, she discusses the growing trend
toward “two-step” migration, and reflects on the jurisdictional “fútbol” that
characterizes this program.

Download: PDF (1.80MB)    hennebry_PO.pdf

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