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December 3, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Brian West

Dispersion tailoring of the quarter-wave Bragg reflection waveguide

Brian R. West and A. S. Helmy

published: 2006 | Research publication | Toronto

We present analytical formulae for the polarization dependent first- and second-order dispersion of a quarter-wave Bragg reflection waveguide (QtW-BRW). Using these formulae, we develop several qualitative properties of the QtW-BRW. In particular, we show that the birefringence of these waveguides changes sign at the QtW wavelength. Regimes of total dispersion corresponding to predominantly materialdominated and waveguide-dominated dispersion are identified. Using this concept, it is shown that the QtW-BRW can be designed so as to provide anomalous group velocity dispersion of large magnitude, or very small GVD of either sign, simply by an appropriate chose of layer thicknesses. Implications on nonlinear optical devices in compound semiconductors are discussed.

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