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Colleen Loomis

6. Building Better Beginnings: A Toolkit - Project Organization and Management

© Hayward, K., Loomis, C., Nelson, G., Pancer, M., & Peters, R. (2011). A Toolkit for Building Better Beginnings and Better Futures. Kingston, ON: Better Beginnings, Better Futures Research Coordination Unit. Design Stéphane Gibelin

published: 2012 | Handbook | Better Beginnings

Learning Object ives

A Toolkit for Building Better Beginnings and Better Futures Project Organization and Management 1

1. Values and principles

Understand and appreciate the values and principles upon which the

Better Beginnings projects were based.

2. Organizational structures

Be aware of the differences in the organizational and administrative structures

and processes that developed at the different sites.

3. Planning

Understand the various steps that may be involved in building a workable

organizational structure.

4. Challenges

Understand and appreciate the challenges of project organization and


5. Strategies

Be aware of the strategies that can address possible challenges and

help with project organization and management.

6. Guiding principles

Know the guiding principles of project organization, development, and


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