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December 7, 2016
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Barry A. Colbert

Reconstructing Value: Leadership Skills for a Sustainable World, Rotman/University of Toronto Press Publishing: Toronto, 320 pgs.

Elizabeth C. Kurucz, Barry A. Colbert, and David Wheeler

published: 2013 | Research publication | Book

Reconstructing Value prepares current and aspiring business leaders for the increasingly important task of developing a sustainability vision and translating it across levels in an organization.  The book is based on insights gained over the past decade from research involving hundreds of practitioners, front line managers to senior executives, who have been working to integrate sustainability within their organizations.  Reconstructing Value brings a transformational approach to management learning, where complex global issues are presented as the new context for contemporary business, and learners are engaged in a process of rethinking, relating, responding and reinventing to create value for stakeholders on multiple fronts.

This class-tested book equips leaders with the thinking skills to help them engage others in meeting the challenges and realizing the opportunities in pursuing a sustainability strategy: enhancing organizational effectiveness while building a more sustainable world. Learning features, including process questions, skill-building exercises, and mini-case studies that build leadership capacity through reflective practice.

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