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October 26, 2016
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Barry A. Colbert

Leadership for Sustainability: Building Momentum for Change through Sustainability Conversations

Barry A. Colbert, Elizabeth C. Kurucz, David Wheeler

published: 2006 | Research publication | Report - research study

This report describes the conceptions of sustainability that emerged from a study of five large Canadian organizations, all considered to be leaders in this regard. This framework of conceptions holds implications for change in organizations aspiring to move toward a sustainability ideal. In this report we conclude that sustainability is best viewed as first a process of ongoing conversation that is context specific, rather than as a prescribed business case that can be imported wholesale to any organization. By considering sustainability as a process of organizational change through conversation, we identify some implications for practitioners in organizations adopting a sustainability framework, in order to assist them with integrating sustainability aims into their everyday activities.

Download: PDF (902k)    Colbert_Kurucz_Wheeler_2006_-_Leadership_for_Sustainability_SSRHC_report.pdf

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