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December 7, 2016
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OB/HRM Speaker Series: Dr. Robert Bies

The Manager as Intuitive Politician: Blame Management in the Delivery of Bad News
Dr. Robert Bies

published: 2013 | Brochure | Speaker Series

For those who deliver the bad news, blame is a key concern. This paper presents a qualitative study of 106 managers who delivered bad news. From this qualitative data, a grounded theory of blame manage-ment in the delivery of bad news was developed. It was found that managers engage in a variety of blame management activities before, during, and after the delivery of bad news. Further, these blame man-agement activities serve four primary functions: influ-encing causal judgments, fulfilling social expectations, lessening the perceived severity of the outcome, and building commitment and support. The implications of these findings for blame management and the deliv-ery of bad news are discussed.

revised Apr 18/13

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