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Michael Pratt

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Dr. M. Pratt

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Pratt, M. W., Arnold, M. L., Lawford, H. L., & Davis, N. (in preparation).  Family narratives and generative moral identity.  In D. Narvaez & D. Lapsley (Eds.), Moral self, identity and character:  Prospects for a new field of study.  New York:  Cambridge University Press.

Pratt, M. W., Norris, J. E., Lawford, H. L., & Arnold, M. L.  (in preparation).  “What he said to me stuck:” Adolescents’ narrative representations of their grandparents as teachers.  In K. C. McLean & M. Pasupathi (Eds.), Narrative development in adolescence. New York:  Springer.
Norris, J. E., Pratt, M. W., & Hebblethwaite, S. (2007).  Social cognition.  In J. Birren (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Gerontology (2nd Ed.), (pp. 525-531).  Oxford, UK:  Elsevier Ltd.

Pratt, M. W., & Fiese, B. H. (Eds.) (2004).  Family stories and the life course:  Across time and generations.  Mahwah, N.J.:  Erlbaum.


Pratt, M. W., Cressman, K., Lawford, H., Norris, J. E., & Hebblethwaite, S. (in press).  Parental stories of grandparenting in the family:  Generativity, optimism and forgiveness across the generations.  Journal of Personality.

Pratt, M. W., Norris, J. E., Hebblethwaite, S., & Arnold, M. L. (in press).  Intergenerational transmission of values:  Family generativity and adolescents’ narratives of parent and grandparent value teaching. Journal of Personality.

Pancer, S.M., Pratt, M.W., Hunsberger, B., & Alisat, S. (2007).  Community and political involvement in adolescence:  What distinguishes the activists from the uninvolved? Journal of Community Psychology, 35, 741-759.

Frensch, K. M., Pratt, M. W., & Norris, J. E. (2007). Foundations of generativity: Personal and family correlates of adolescents’ generative life story themes.  Journal of Research in Personality, 41, 45-62.

McLean, K. C., & Pratt, M. W. (2006).  Life’s little (and big) lessons:  Identity development and the construction of meaning in the turning point narratives of emerging adulthood.  Developmental Psychology, 42, 714-722.

Jackson, L., Pratt, M.W., Hunsberger, B., & Pancer, S.M. (2005).  Optimism as a mediator of relations between perceived parental authoritativeness and adjustment among adolescents:  Finding the sunny side of the street.  Social Development, 14, 273-304.

Lawford, H., Pratt, M. W., Hunsberger, B., & Pancer, S. M. (2005).  Adolescent generativity: A longitudinal study of two possible contexts for learning concern for future generations.  Journal of Research on Adolescence, 15, 261-273.

Mattanah, J., Pratt, M. W., Cowan, P. A., & Cowan, C. P. (2005).  Authoritative parenting, parental scaffolding of long-division mathematics, and children’s academic competence in fourth grade.  Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 26, 85-106.

Pancer, S.M., Pratt, M. W., Hunsberger, B.E., & Alisat, S. (2005).  Bridging troubled waters:  Helping students make the transition from high school to university.  Guidance and Counselling, 19, 184-190.   

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