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December 5, 2016
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Community Service-Learning

Service-Learning Course Design Workbook

Jeffrey Howard

published: 2012 | Handbook | Course/curriculum development

The first two sections of this workbook clarify the conceptualization of academic service-learning and offer a set of foundational resources that prepare the reader for the subsequent design sections. Sections three through five review the three necessary conditions for academic service-learning and take the reader through the course planning process. The necessary criteria are relevant and meaningful service with the community, enhanced academic learning, and purposeful civic learning.

Administrative issues related to service-learning are not covered in this workbook, nor are sample syllabi provided. The workbook assumes reader familiarity with general course design and development issues. Resources identified in the final section of the workbook provide information on these issues.

Any part of this publication may be reproduced.

Download: PDF (675k)    Service_Learning_Course_Design_Workbook_-_MJCSL.pdf

revised Nov 19/12

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