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December 3, 2016
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David M. Haskell

Review of "Through a Lens Darkly"

Peter Stockland--Cardus Journal
Peter Stockland

published: 2012 | Background | Haskell Book Review

This book was reviewed in the journal Cardus by Peter Stockland, former editor of the Montreal Gazette and Readers Digest Magazine Canada. Calling it meticulously researched he writes: 
"Through A Lens Darkly is a book that deserves to be read, studied and cited profusely. It is finely researched and fluidly written account not just of another instance of media abuse of an identifiable group, but of the intellectual poisons pervasive in contemporary journalism. As such it should find the widest possible readership in journalism schools across this country and (like this is going to happen!) among professionals in the news business."

The full review is available at:

Download: DOC (46k)    Cardus_Journal_Review_Of_Through_a_Lens_Darkly.doc

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