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Ethics: Research Involving Humans

Consent Letter to Participate in a Database

University REB

published: 2011 | Procedure | Documents

Consent Letter to Participate in a Database

Applicants must create a form for each participant to sign as part of the process of enrolling participants in their database. A copy of this agreement must be provided to the REB as part of this application.  Applicants are free to create their own agreement, but it must include the following points:

Your Consent Letter must include this information:

        REB file #

        Name and contact data for the Data Base Administrator and their Research Centre

        Name and contact data for the REB Chair

        A brief outline of what the database will be used for

        Statement of assurance that researchers will have to agree to terms and conditions of access

        A list and explanation of any risk(s) to the participants

        If any data will be collected/transmitted over the internet (e.g., Survey MonkeyJ), please add this phrase “Because this project employs e-based collection techniques, the confidentiality & privacy of data cannot be guaranteed during web-based transmission.”

        An outline of participant rights 1) to not participate, 2) to withdraw at any time from the database, 3) to have (if possible) their data deleted from the data base, and 4) to refuse to answer any question(s) they choose

If you plan to give new / different researchers access to the database over time, then you need to make it clear to participants that access to the database will be granted to new researchers on a ‘go forward basis’ provided that you, the original applicant, and the REB approves their access to the database (this is the link to the REB webpage

revised Feb 18/11

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