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October 23, 2016
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Social Justice and Community Engagement - Master of Arts (MA)

Rubric for Evaluating the Master's Major Research Project

Written Document and Oral Defense
Brenda Murphy

published: 2013 | Table/chart | Rubric

Purpose: The purpose of providing a rubric for evaluating the SJCE MRP is to establish a pedagogical assessment tool that 1) clearly identifies the priorities and obligations for the MRP for both students and assessors, 2) produces a record showing how project assessment has occurred, and 3) provides a framework for ensuring quality assurance and fairness. Students and assessors alike should bear in mind that the rubric is subject to interpretation by the assessor as necessary in order to facilitate different types of projects, special needs, and unique circumstances.

Download: DOC (61k)    SJCE_Rubric_Template_2013-14.doc

revised Oct 30/13

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