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December 5, 2016
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Scott C. Ensign


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Scott C. Ensign

Marketing your city's industries to the world: Building an retaining export oriented cluster through strategic ICT investments

Robinson, N.P., Ensign, P.C.

published: 2008 | Research publication | Book Chapter

This chapter discusses the importance of making strategic investments in information communication technologies (ICTs) in order to benefit from globalization and the benefits created by robust export-oriented business clusters. Examples of investments made by local governments in India, Jamaica, and Hong Kong will illustrate how an adept ICT strategy can position a city to grow local industries and encourage exports. The authors argue that a coherent and comprehensive city marketing plan can attract and retain investments and play an instrumental role in the city’s future prosperity. Intelligent investments in ICT infrastructure that address a city’s unique attributes, objectives, needs, and competitive advantages can open up new export markets, especially in the service industry where ICTs can make local labour globally accessible.

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