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December 7, 2016
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Abrahamic Faith Forum 2014


published: 2014 | Audio | Podcast

In the midst of suffering, tragedy, and trauma, people ask, “Where is God?”
or “Why does God not act?” All three Abrahamic faiths have struggled
with these questions of theodicy with individuals and in the midst of major
events like tsunamis, genocide and hallocausts, disease, and injustices.
Families wonder about God’s presence in the midst of a tragic death,
accident, illness, or other tragic circumstances. The panel for this session
will be moderated by Idrisa Pandit of Renison University College and
Muslim Social Services. Panelists will be:
> Robert Kelly, professor emeritus, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary -
> Daniel Maoz, adjunct faculty, Wilfrid Laurier University - Jewish

> Muhammad Abueleez, imam, Kitchener Sunni mosque - Muslim

Abrahamic Faith Discussions are conducted twice yearly at the seminary.
For one session, a persona is chosen: Mary, Joseph, Abraham, Jesus,
Muhammad, David, Hagar, and others have been chosen. The second
discussion features a topic, such as what happens when we pray, do our
scriptures foster violence, forgiveness, etc.

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