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December 9, 2016
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The Laurier Aboriginal Community Garden


published: 2012 | Newsletter | Release

The Aboriginal Community Garden -Wilfrid Laurier University

The Wilfrid Laurier University Aboriginal Student Centre at the Waterloo campus has been provided with a space to create an Aboriginal Community garden, which will be a campus community space that is holistic, inclusive, sustainable, natural and safe. This project provides the community with a unique space for new learning experiences and a strong emphasis on community involvement. This project provides an opportunity for volunteers to get involved in a community project that will incorporate members of the Laurier campus community via two methods:

  1. Become an Aboriginal Community Garden council (*details below)
  2. Sign up as a garden volunteer


  • Intercultural training which provides increased awareness and understanding of Aboriginal cultures, knowledge and worldviews for students, staff and faculty.
  • The creation of a welcoming green space, which emphasizes interactivity, community citizenship, and sustainability.
  • Providing students with the experience of growing their own food, a sustainability skill that will serve them well when they graduate and begin living and working in various communities. Laurier students will receive credit on their co-curricular record.
  • Growing the four sacred medicine plants (tobacco, sweetgrass, cedar and sage) to assist with the smudging ceremonies
  • Growing vegetables for weekly soup days, which provide inexpensive and healthy community meals at the Aboriginal Student House.
  • Sharing indigenous plant knowledge and methodology while creating potential partnerships. This could include the creation of a “capstone course experience” combining Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK), scientific knowledge and expertise of current Laurier faculty.
  • This project is open to all those interested.

Aboriginal Community Garden council

Draft Terms of Reference

Meeting at least 4 times per year and using a consensus model for decision-making, the group would consist of no more than 12 members. The council should include a representative for all facets of involvement and will work to ensure marketing, social media, branding, volunteer and community capacity-building, and any foreseeable issues/needs arising.

  • One rep from the Sustainability Office
  • One rep from the Office of Aboriginal Initiatives
  • One rep from Eco-Hawks
  • One rep from Aboriginal Student’s Association
  • One rep from Laurier’s Office of Development
  • One rep from WLUSU
  • One rep from WLUFA
  • One rep from WLUSA
  • One KW community rep
  • 3 additional reps from any of the above areas

The council will decide meeting frequency and keep meeting minutes.

To apply: please email Laurie Minor at with a statement of interest by October 19th, 2012.

Download: DOC (30k)    Call_for_volunteers_Aboriginal_Community_Garden_1.doc

revised Oct 3/12

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