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Rethink Waterloo 2012


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reThink Waterloo 2012

93% of CEOs see sustainability as important to their company’s future success. Yet, most do not know how to embed sustainability into their company. (Bertels, 2010)

You are invited to attend reThink Waterloo 2012, an engaging full-day environmental conference that will inspire and explore new business opportunities for corporate leaders in the Region of Waterloo and surrounding area.

This conference aims to highlight the knowledge and experience of leading professionals who have  embedded sustainability into their organization or have helped other businesses to improve their footprint.  Through the experiences of these leaders we will explore the ethical implications of environmental change, the economic opportunities, and the brand value and reputation shift that comes with the authentic integration of sustainability into an organization’s vision.

Conference delegates will have the opportunity to engage in discussion on these topics through two panels:

The implications of climate change on business: This panel focuses on the specific issue of climate change through the perspective of an accountant, a lawyer, and an insurer. Their insight will include how to reduce an organization’s contributions towards climate change and how to mitigate the subsequent effects.

Embedding sustainability into your business: This panel will focus on the “triple bottom line”, the challenge of synergistically integrating profit, planet and people and its increasing involvement in the forefront of modern business practice.

Closing out the day will be keynote speaker Andrew Heintzman. Andrew is president and co-founder of Investeco and the Chair of the Premier's Climate Change Advisory Panel for the Province of Ontario.
Prior to Investeco, Andrew Heintzman was a co-founder and publisher of Shift Magazine, an award-winning consumer magazine about technology. In his recent book, The New Entrepreneurs, Heintzman profiles entrepreneurs who are developing green technology.

Andrew will use his broad experience to discuss  the necessity for CEOs to consider implementing a sustainable business 
now to benefit environment, economy and society as a whole for the future.
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Date: Friday, May 11, 2012
Time: 8:00am - 3:00pm
Location: Waterloo Inn, 475 King Street North, Waterloo
Cost: $125 - Includes breakfast and lunch
Discounts availble for students and Regional Carbon Initiative Members
Please email Helena Kwiecinski to obtain promo codes for discounts

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