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December 3, 2016
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Lee Willingham

Impact of instrumental music instruction on achievement and attitudes in the students, teachers, and community of Joyce Public School

Lee Willingham and Cheryl Paige

published: 2005 | Research publication | Music Education

Phase 2 was designed to get at the heart of what happens when students are systematically taught instrumental music in a creative, technological environment, and to focus on what impact music instruction has on the overall learning of the child. Initially, the project was to focus on Grade 2 and 5 classes. It eventually involved all grades and all students.

Music, as a discipline in its own right was explored as an integral part of every child’s educative development. Links between Music and Core French, ESL, Special Education, Science, Mathematics and Literacy were identified, and teaching/learning activities implemented as part of the learning process.

The results are imbedded in the learning context, and profoundly support the overall goal of the school, which is “to provide the most enriching learning environment possible.”

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