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December 10, 2016
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Sean T. Doherty

Google Earth File - The "M-Spiral" Etch-a-sketch Application of GPS

GPS tracked Data in the Park for Fun
Sean Doherty

published: 2009 | Graphic | Google Earth Files

This small example Google Earth file shows a fun application of GPS tracking resulting from collaboration with Marcel O'Gorman from the University of Waterloo (  We traced an "M" and a spiral pattern by walking in an open area (Victoria Park in Kitchener, Ontario.  We later used this technique at the Spotlight on the Arts festival in downtown Kitchener, allowing anyone to go out and create their own etch-a-sketch style pattern in the park.  We put all these together onto a "GeoMosaic"display board.

Review the GPS page for further intructions on how to view these files.  

Download: ZIP (19k)

revised Jun 11/09

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