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December 7, 2016
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Margaret Walton-Roberts

Contextualizing the global nursing care chain:

international migration and the status of nursing in Kerala, India
Margaret Walton-Roberts

published: 2012 | Research publication | Global Networks Paper


In this article I explore the issue of nursing status in Kerala, India and how over time a colonial discourse of caste-based pollution has given way to a discourse

of sexual pollution under expanding migratory opportunities. Based on survey and

qualitative research findings, I caution that the improving occupational status of

nursing in India is not directly mapped onto social status, and this is particularly

evident in the matrimonial market. In the light of these findings I argue that global

nursing care chain (GNCC) analysis must assess more than just workplace contexts

in order to conceptualize how global care chains (GCCs) interlock, and how they are

differentiated from each other.

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