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October 27, 2016
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Lea Caragata

A Qualitative Analysis of Resilience in Lone Mother-led Families: Executive Summary

“Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us strong”
Lea Caragata, Sara Cumming abd Bill Ruffett

published: 2011 | Research publication | Research Report

This research examines resilience and social inclusion/exclusion among an already at-risk population, immigrant and Canadian-born lone mothers living in poverty. A recently collected (2005-2009) longitudinal qualitative data set of about 400[1] in-depth cross-Canada interviews with lone mothers who were receiving social assistance at the study’s commencement has been purposefully augmented with new interview and focus group data. These new data were oriented to clarifying, specifying and further delineating the dual aspects of resilience: adversity, and personal, familial, community, cultural and institutional protective factors that have been identified as supporting resilient behaviours and outcomes. The research includes lone mothers’ assessments of their own resilience on a number of dimensions. Data have been analysed and findings and their policy implications formulated through reference to a feminist social inclusion framework.

[1] The original study included 104 lone mothers who were each interviewed four times over a five year time period.

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