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October 27, 2016
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2014 Understanding Earnings Dynamics: Identifying and Estimating the Changing Roles of Unobserved Ability, Permanent and Transitory Shocks PDF PDF (675k) Economics
2014 Co-payment Policy in Health Care: PDF PDF (199k) Economics
2014 Abstract - R.M. Dales PDF PDF (28k) R.M. Dales
2014 Abstract - K. Melville PDF PDF (29k) K. Melville
2014 Abstract - J. Alexander PDF PDF (29k) J. Alexander
2014 Abstract - S. Karunakanthan PDF PDF (28k) S. Karunakanthan
2014 Abstract - N. Corvari PDF PDF (12k) N. Corvari
2014 Abstract - Z. Dong PDF PDF (11k) Z. Dong
2014 Abstract - S. Luong PDF PDF (11k) S. Luong
2014 Abstract - J. Truong PDF PDF (12k) J. Truong
2014 Abstract - D. Zhang PDF PDF (11k) D. Zhang
2014 Abstract - T. Zhang PDF PDF (11k) T. Zhang
2014 Abstract - Z. Zhang PDF PDF (11k) Z. Zhang
2014 Abstract - A. Doudnikov PDF PDF (28k) A. Doudnikov
2014 Abstract - K. Saguil PDF PDF (63k) K. Saguil
2014 Abstract - D. Smerd PDF PDF (28k) D. Smerd
2014 Abstract - S. Thanabalasingam PDF PDF (11k) S. Thanabalasingam
2014 Abstract - C. Fortier PDF PDF (29k) C. Fortier
2014 Abstract - S. Dhanjal PDF PDF (28k) S. Dhanjal
2013 Having it Easy: research presentation by Dr. A. Magesan PDF PDF (411k) S. Wheeler
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