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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2007 Costly Price Adjustment and the Optimal Rate of Inflation (ABSTRACT) External External J. Konieczny
2007 Performance Assessment in Competitive Intelligence: An Exploration, Synthesis, and Research Agenda (ABSTRACT) External External D. Blenkhorn & C. Fleisher
2007 Bankruptcy and the Nash Solution (ABSTRACT) External External Dr. Jacques A. Schnabel
2007 Beijing Biotechnology Company: Financial Reporting Issues of Expansion to the West (ABSTRACT) External External Xu, B., & McConomy, B.
2007 Do people fake on personality inventories? A verbal protocol analysis (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Beaty, J. C.
2007 Family Arbitration - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (ABSTRACT) External External Shelley McGill
2007 2007-03 EC: Why Have the Labour Force Participation Rates of Older Men Increased Since the Mid 1990s (working paper) PDF PDF (447k) T. Schirle
2007 The Information Content of Canadian Open Market Repurchase Announcements (ABSTRACT) External External W. McNally & K. Li
2007 Long-Run Returns Following Open Market Share Repurchases (ABSTRACT) External External W. McNally & B. Smith
2007 2007-01 EC: Revisiting the Coyne Affair: A Singular Event That Changed the Course of Canadian Monetary History (working paper) PDF PDF (281k) P. Siklos
2007 Life-Cycle Impact on the Value Relevance of Common Risk Factors (ABSTRACT) PDF Can't determine type B.Xu
2007 Income Tax Accounting Policy Choice: Exposure Draft Responses and the Early Adoption Decision by Canadian Companies (ABSTRACT) External External Merridee Bujaki and Bruce J. McConomy
2007 Measurement equivalence of a personality inventory administered on the internet versus a kiosk (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., & Brown, D. J.
2006 2006-11 EC: Measuring the Impact of Intervention on Exchange Market Pressure (working paper) PDF PDF (350k) P. Siklos & D. Waymark
2006 Inflation and Price Adjustment: Evidence from Canadian Newspaper Prices (ABSTRACT) External External T. Fisher & J. Konieczny
2006 Effects of perceived selection ratio on personality test faking (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C.
2006 2006-10 EC: What Can We Learn from Comprehensive Data Revisions for Forecasting Inflation: Some US Evidence (working paper) PDF PDF (364k) P. Siklos
2006 R&D Strategy and Stock Price Volatility in the Biotechnology Industry (ABSTRACT) External External B. Xu
2006 R&D Progress, Stock Price Volatility and Post-Announcement Drift: An Empirical Invesitgation into Biotech Firms (ABSTRACT) External External B. Xu
2006 Market Differential Evaluations of Strategic Alliances in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry (ABSTRACT) External External B. Xu
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