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Global Studies

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2013 GS 431 and the Inside Out Program PDF PDF (95k) Dr. Sara Matthews
2013 Powerpoint Slide: GS 431 and the Inside Out Program PPTX PPTX (159k) Dr. Sara Matthews
2013 Global Studies Experience (GSE) Powerpoint Slides PPTX PPTX (10.09MB) Dr. Sheri Gibbings
2013 Dr. Alan Whiteside Speaks on The South African HIV and AIDS Epidemic: The Premier Development Challenge PDF PDF (6.28MB) Dr. Edmund Pries
2013 Advancing the Education Rights of Socially Disadvantaged Children PDF PDF (426k) Brian Howe
2013 Subsistence Rights and Climate Mitigation PDF PDF (289k) Henry Shue
2012 Counter Currents: Environmental Justice and the Right to Water in Latin America PDF PDF (146k) Dr. Alex Latta
2012 Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety JPG JPG (198k) Ian McKay, Jamie Swift
2012 Talk by Patrick Hayford, Former Director of UN Office to the Special Advisor on Africa PDF PDF (251k) John Ejobowah
2012 Book Launch: Ryan Flavelle PDF PDF (5.09MB) Ryan Flavelle
2012 Book Launch for Dr. Timothy Donais PDF PDF (4.57MB) Dr. Timothy Donais
2012 Adele Slater Award Application Form 2013 PDF PDF (97k) Global Studies
2012 Ethnic Conflict and Democratic Governance PDF PDF (887k) Dr. Ralph Premdas
2012 Art in Times of Conflict: Curricular Explorations PDF PDF (1.13MB) Sara Matthews, Department of Global Studies
2012 A Lecture by Dr. Farid Mirbagheri PDF PDF (358k) Global Studies Department
2012 CPAR Internships in Ethiopia PDF PDF (140k) Dr. Alex Latta
2011 Project Ploughshares Internship PDF PDF (202k) Project Ploughshares
2011 GSE Indonesia 2013 DOC DOC (26k) Sheri Gibbings
2011 ACUNS Annual Meeting 2012 - Call For Volunteer Interns PDF PDF (250k) John Ejobowah
2011 Ghana Call for Applications 2013 PDF PDF (229k) Dr. John Ejobowah
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