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January 18, 2017
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Women and Gender Studies

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2016 Trans Communities in India - Lessons for Canada PDF PDF (466k) S. Khan
2016 Gender and the Workplace PDF PDF (374k) M. Walton-Roberts
2016 WGSSummer2016coursespresentation PPTX PPTX (139k) Dr. M. Toye
2015 March 2015 newsletter PDF PDF (2.83MB) F. McCord
2014 Spring 2014 Newsletter PDF PDF (498k) C. Aitchison
2013 Learning outcomes PDF PDF (201k) F.McCord
2013 WS Program Slides 2016/17 PPTX PPTX (597k) Dr. M. Toye
2013 Publications - Khan 2014 PDF PDF (151k) Dr. S. Khan
2013 Newsletter - Winter 2013 PDF PDF (1.56MB) Dr. J. Aguinaldo
2012 WS Policy Manual PDF PDF (163k) M. Toye
2012 Winter 2012 newsletter PDF PDF (4.77MB) F. McCord
2011 Worksheet for Women and Gender Studies Combined Honours PDF PDF (40k) Dr. M. Toye
2011 Worksheet for Minor in Women and Gender Studies PDF PDF (48k) Dr.M. Toye
2011 M. Toye Publications PDF PDF (63k) M. Toye
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