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December 4, 2016
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Chet Robie


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Chet Robie

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2005 A preliminary model of spouse influence on managerial global assignment willingness (ABSTRACT) External External Konopaske, R., Robie, C., & Ivancevich, J. M.
2005 Self-other agreement: Comparing its relationships with performance in the U.S. and Europe (ABSTRACT) External External Atwater, L., Waldman, D., Ostroff, C., Robie, C., & Johnson, K. M.
2004 Uncovering faking samples in applicant, incumbent, and experimental data sets: An application of mixed model item response theory (ABSTRACT) External External Zickar, M.J., Gibby, R. E., & Robie, C.
2003 A field study of the effects of rating purpose on the quality of multisource ratings (ABSTRACT) External External Greguras, G. J., Robie, C., Schleicher, D. J., & Goff, M. III.
2001 Measurement equivalence between applicant and incumbent groups: An IRT analysis of personality scales (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Zickar, M. J., & Schmit, M. J.
2000 The effect of coaching on the utility of response latencies in detecting fakers on a personality measure (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Curtin, P. J., Foster, T. C., Phillips, H. L., IV, Zbylut, M., & Tetrick, L. E.
2000 Effects of the rating process on the construct validity of assessment center dimension evaluations (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Adams, K. A., Osburn, H. G., Morris, M. A., & Etchegaray, J. M.
2000 Effects of item context specificity on the measurement equivalence of a personality inventory (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Schmit, M. J., Ryan, A. M., & Zickar, M. J.
2000 Development of a global measure of personality (ABSTRACT) External External Schmit, M. J., Kihm, K. A., & Robie, C.
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