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September 23, 2017
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2007 Use of Tetrahymena thermophila To Study the Role of Protozoa in Inactivation of Viruses in Water PDF PDF (417k) Pinheiro MDO,Power ME,Butler BJ,Dayeh VR,Slawson R,Lee LEJ,Lynn DH & Bols NC
2006 A cell line (HEW) from embryos of haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinius) and its capacity to tolerate environmental extremes PDF PDF (597k) Bryson S.P., E.M. Joyce, D.J. Martell, L.E.J. Lee, S.E. Holt, S.C. Kales, K.Fujiki, B. Dixon and N.C. Bols
2006 High yield and rapid growth of Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis in co-culture with a rainbow trout gill-derived cell line RTgill-W1 PDF PDF (965k) Lee LEJ, SJ VanEs, SK Walsh, DJ Rainnie, N Donay, R Summerfield & RJ Cawthorn
2006 Butyltin Species in benthic and pelagic organisms of the Saguenay Fjord (Canada) and Imposex Occurrence in the Common Whelk (Buccinum undatum) PDF PDF (766k) Viglino, L., . Pelletier and L. E. J. Lee
2006 Cell adhesion characteristics of a monocytic cell line derived from rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss PDF PDF (303k) Reinhart, B., S.J. DeWitte-Orr, S.J. Van Es, N. C. Bols and L. E. J. Lee
2006 Gill and liver histopathological changes in yellow perch (Perca flavescens) and goldfish (Carassius auratus) exposed to oil sands process-affected water PDF PDF (760k) Nero, V., A. Farwell, A. Lister, G. Van Der Kraak, L.E.J. Lee, T. Van Meer, M.D. MacKinnon and D.G. Dixon
2006 The effects of salinity on naphthenic acid toxicity to yellow perch: gill and liver histopathology PDF PDF (520k) Nero, V., A. Farwell, L.E.J. Lee, T. Van Meer, M.D. MacKinnon and D.G. Dixon
2005 A Proteomics Approach to Identifying Fish Cell Lines. PDF PDF (573k) Wagg, S.K. and L.E.J. Lee
2005 A new wide field-of-view confocal imaging system and its applications in drug discovery and pathology PDF PDF (1.45MB) Li G., S. Damaskinos, A.E. Dixon and L.E.J. Lee
2005 Use of fish cell lines in the toxicology and ecotoxicology of fish PDF PDF (1.75MB) Bols, N.C., V.R. Dayeh, L.E.J. Lee and K. Schirmer
2005 Rainbow Trout Gill Cell Line Microplate Cytotoxicity Test PDF PDF (366k) Dayeh, V. R., K. Schirmer, L. E. J. Lee and N. C. Bols
2005 Comparing a ciliate and a fish cell line for their sensitivity to several classes of toxicants by the novel application of multiwell filter plates to Tetrahymena PDF PDF (432k) Dayeh, V.R., S. Grominsky, S.J. DeWitte-Orr, D. Sotornik, C.R. Yeung, L.E.J. Lee, D.H. Lynn and N.C. Bols
2003 Toxicogenomic technologies for in vitro aquatic toxicology PDF Can't determine type Lee, L. E. J., M. M. Vijayan and B. Dixon
2003 The Use of Fish Cells in Ecotoxicology External External Castano, A., N.C. Bols, T. Braunbeck, P. Dierickx, M. Halder, B. Isomaa, K. Kawahara, L. E. J. Lee, plus 8 others
2003 The use of fish derived cell lines for investigation of environmental contaminants PDF PDF (203k) Dayeh, V. R., N. C. Bols, K. Schirmer and L. E. J. Lee
2002 Snails as Biomonitors of Oil-Spill and Bioremediation Strategies PDF Can't determine type Lee, L. E. J., J. Stassen, A. McDonald, C. Culshaw, A. D. Venosa and K. Lee
2002 Effect of corticosteroids on the proliferation of the rainbow trout monocyte/macrophage cell line, RTS11 PDF PDF (310k) Pagniello, K., N. C. Bols and L. E. J. Lee
2002 Integrin-like substrate adhesion in the rainbow trout fibroblastic cell line, RTG-2 PDF PDF (263k) Reinhart, B. and L.E.J. Lee
2001 Ecotoxicology and innate immunity in fish PDF PDF (293k) Bols NC, Brubacher JL, Ganassin RC, Lee LEJ
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