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October 18, 2017
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2015 Abstract - Z. Deng PDF PDF (28k) Z. Deng
2015 Abstract - J. Fudurich PDF PDF (28k) J. Fudurich
2015 Abstract - N. Shankar PDF PDF (28k) N. Shankar
2015 Abstract - W. Shi PDF PDF (28k) W. Shi
2015 Abstract - C. Stathopoulos PDF PDF (29k) C. Stathopoulos
2015 Abstract - A. Syed PDF PDF (28k) A. Syed
2015 Abstract - E. Vickers PDF PDF (28k) E. Vickers
2015 Abstract - Y. Yang PDF PDF (29k) Y. Yang
2015 Abstract - H. Zheng PDF PDF (28k) H. Zheng
2015 Support for Public Provision of a Private Good with Top-Up and Opt-Out: A Controlled Laboratory Experiment PDF PDF (611k) Economics
2015 Auctioneers as Emcees: Evidence from Chittagong Tea Auctions PDF PDF (226k) Economics
2015 Advertised Prices in Decentralized Markets PDF PDF (400k) Economics
2015 Sacred Values? The Effect of Information on Attitudes Toward Payments for Human Organs PDF PDF (828k) Economics
2015 Land Misallocation and Productivity PDF PDF (1.26MB) Economics
2015 Psychological Incentives, Financial Incentives, and Risk Attitudes in Tournaments: An Artefactual Field Experiment PDF PDF (449k) Economics
2014 EC451 Course Outline Winter 2015 PDF PDF (96k) E. Claus
2014 Patent Collateral, Investor Commitment, and the Market for Venture Lending PDF PDF (1.14MB) Economics
2014 Do 'Skills Beget Skills'? Evidence on Dynamic Complementarities in Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills in Childhood PDF PDF (701k) Economics
2014 Consumer Valuation of Fuel Costs and the Effectiveness of Tax Policy - Evidence from the European Car Market PDF PDF (306k) Economics
2014 Interrogation and Evidence Fabrication PDF PDF (238k) Economics
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