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Janet McLellan

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2005 New Age Commodification and Appropriation of Spirituality PDF PDF (138k) MICHAEL YORK
2005 Reflections on Buddhism in Leeds: identity, practice and experience PDF PDF (98k) Andrew Kennedy
2005 Religious Mission and Business Reality: Trends in the Contemporary British Christian Book Industry PDF PDF (97k) RICHARD BARTHOLOMEW
2005 Religious Switching: Preference Development, Maintenance, and Change PDF PDF (77k) MATTHEW T. LOVELAND
2005 The Church in the Market Place: Advertising and Religion in a Secular Age PDF PDF (1.40MB) MARTYN PERCY
2005 The Soka Gakkai in Australia: Globalization of a new Japanese Religion PDF PDF (272k) Daniel A. Metraux
2005 Tibetan Buddhism in France: A Missionary Religion? PDF PDF (502k) ByLionel Obadia
2005 To Be or Not To Be: Buddhist Selves in Toronto PDF PDF (106k) Angie Danyluk
2005 Transcendental Meditation, Reiki and Yoga: Suffering, Ritual and Self-Transformation PDF PDF (152k) CATHERINE GARRETT
2005 ‘Winning Ways’: Globalisation and the Impact of the Health and Wealth Gospel PDF PDF (180k) STEPHEN HUNT
2005 Being Creative with Tradition: Rooting Theravŕda Buddhism in Britain PDF PDF (443k) Sandra Bell
2005 The Lotus Unleashed: The Buddhist Peace Movement in South Vietnam, 1964–1966 PDF PDF (40k) Robert J. Topmiller
2005 Buddhism and Ethnicity in Britain: The 2001 Census Data PDF PDF (186k) Robert Bluck
2005 Buddhism and the Feminine Voice PDF PDF (73k) Gay Watson
2005 Editorial: Ethical Dilemmas in the Contemporary World PDF PDF (63k) John Peacock
2005 Identifying Inclusivism in Buddhist Contexts PDF PDF (125k) Kristin Beise Kiblinger
2005 New Frontiers in Buddhism: Three Recent Works on Buddhism in America PDF PDF (243k) David L. McMahan
2005 Politics of the Jathika Hela Urumaya Monks: Buddhism and Ethnicity in Contemporary Sri Lanka PDF PDF (310k) Mahinda Deegalle
2005 The American Occupation of Tibetan Buddhism: Tibetans and their American Hosts in New York City PDF PDF (161k) Eve Mullen
2005 The Meeting of Traditions: Inter-Buddhist and Inter-Religious Relations in the West PDF PDF (859k) Oliver Freiberger
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