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October 27, 2016
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2007 Information Technology Outsourcing: Questions of Language  Can't determine type Marcon, T., & A. Gopal
2007 The Crisis of Relevance and the Relevance of Crisis: Renegotiating Critique in IS Scholarship External External Marcon, T., Chiasson, M., & Gopal, A.
2007 A social relations analysis of team performance ratings (ABSTRACT) External External Greguras, G. J., Robie, C., Born, M. Ph., & Koenigs, R. J.
2007 Focusing on Value: Reconciling Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholder Theory and Sustainability in a Network World (Article reprinted as a book chapter) PDF PDF (95k) David Wheeler, Barry A. Colbert & R. Edward Freeman
2007 Building the Sustainable Organization Through Adaptive, Creative Coherence in the HR System PDF PDF (945k) Barry A. Colbert, Elizabeth C. Kurucz & David Wheeler
2007 Building an Adaptive Manufacutring Enterprise for the Hong Kong Watchmaking Industry (ABSTRACT) External External Noori, H., Lee, W.B., & Lau, F.
2007 Toolkit for Organizational Change External Can't determine type T. Cawsey & G. Deszca
2007 E-Com Supply Chain and SMEs External External R. Craig
2007 Transboundary Water Policies: Assessment, Comparison and Enhancement (ABSTRACT) External External Ma, J., Hipel, K.W., De, M., Cai, J.
2007 Performance Assessment in Competitive Intelligence: An Exploration, Synthesis, and Research Agenda (ABSTRACT) External External D. Blenkhorn & C. Fleisher
2007 An Investigation of the Value Relevance of the Tax Savings from 1987 Canadian Tax Reform (ABSTRACT) External External Zeng, T.
2007 Bankruptcy and the Nash Solution (ABSTRACT) External External Dr. Jacques A. Schnabel
2007 The Stock Market Valuation of R&D Information in Biotech Firms (ABSTRACT) External Can't determine type Xu, B., M. Magnan & Andrew, P.
2007 Beijing Biotechnology Company: Financial Reporting Issues of Expansion to the West (ABSTRACT) External External Xu, B., & McConomy, B.
2007 Do people fake on personality inventories? A verbal protocol analysis (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Beaty, J. C.
2007 The effect of emotional provider support on angry versus anxious consumers (ABSTRACT) External External Menon, K. and Dubé, L.
2007 Building customers' affective commitment towards retail banks: The role of CRM in each 'moment of truth' (ABSTRACT) External External Menon, K. and O'Connor, A.
2007 Family Arbitration - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (ABSTRACT) External External Shelley McGill
2007 The Information Content of Canadian Open Market Repurchase Announcements (ABSTRACT) External External W. McNally & K. Li
2007 Long-Run Returns Following Open Market Share Repurchases (ABSTRACT) External External W. McNally & B. Smith
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