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October 21, 2017
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Randall Wigle


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Randall Wigle

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2012 CV Randall Wigle (Feb. 2012) PDF PDF (182k) Randall Wigle
2007 Regional Incidence of the Costs of Greenhouse Policy (ABSTRACT) External External Wigle, R., & Snoddon, T.
2007 Impacts of BSE on World Trade in Cattle and Beef: Implications for the Canadian Economy (ABSTRACT) External External Wigle, R., Weerahewa, J., Bredahl, M., & Samarajeewa, S.
2005 2005-08 EC: Fraying Over Paying: Who Will Bear the Costs of Greenhouse Policy (working paper) PDF PDF (282k) T. Snoddon & R. Wigle
2005 2005-07 EC: Federal Aspects of the Kyoto Protocol: A Progress Report (working paper) PDF PDF (279k) R. Wigle and T. Snoddon
2005 SOREE 2005 agenda and meeting information PDF PDF (611k) x
2005 SOREE Call for Papers PDF PDF (60k) Randy Wigle
2001 Trade and environment: Bargaining outcomes from linked negotiations (ABSTRACT) External External Abrego, L., Peronni, C., Whalley, J., & Wigle, R.
1999 International Process Standards and North-South Trade (ABSTRACT) External External Wigle, R., & Perroni, C.
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