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Robert Mathieu


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Robert Mathieu

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2004 Outside director remuneration and the decision to grant CEO stock options (ABSTRACT) External External Kanagaretnam, K., Mathieu, R., & Ramanan, R.
2004 Earnings Management to Reduce Earnings Variability: Evidence from Bank Loan Loss Provisions (ABSTRACT) External External Kanagaretnam, K., Lobo, G.J., Mathieu, R.
2003 Productivity in 'top-ten" academic accounting journals by researchers at Canadian universities (ABSTRACT) External External Mathieu, R., & McConomy, B.
2003 2003-02 ACC: Information Risk and Earnings Announcements: The Effect of Director Monitoring (Working Paper) PDF PDF (414k) Libby, T., Mathieu, R., & Robb, S.
2003 The Use of Estate Freezes by Family-Owned Businesses (ABSTRACT) External External Feltham, G., Feltham, T., & Mathieu, R.
2003 An economic analysis of the use of student evaluations: Implications for universities External External Kanagaretnam, K., Mathieu, R., & Thevaranjan, A.
2003 Managerial Incentives for Income Smoothing Through Bank Loan Loss Provisions (ABSTRACT) External External Kanagaretnam, K., Lobo, G.J., & Mathieu, R.
2002 A case for flexibility: a bank's loan loss provision (LLP) offers reasons for flexibility in GAAP External External Kanagaretnam, K., & Mathieu, R.
2001 Playing by the rules (ABSTRACT) External External Libby, T., & Mathieu, R.
2001 The deferral value of estate freezes (ABSTRACT) External External Chu, L., Feltham, G., & Mathieu, R.
2001 A note on: Capital adequacy and the information content of term loans and lines of credit (ABSTRACT) External External André, P., Mathieu, R., & Zhang, P.
2000 GAAP for the little guy (ABSTRACT) External External Feltham, G., & Mathieu, R.
2000 Full disclosure: problems with CICA's section 3860 on disclosure of financial instruments raise concern for upcoming standards on recognition and measurement External External Courteau, L., Mathieu, R., & Roy, D.
2000 Vécu et contraintes lors de l'application d'une nouvelle approche pédagogique: Une étude de cas québécoise en comptabilité External External Coulombe, D., Guilbert, L., Lacombe, N., Mathieu, R., & Racine, H.
2000 Restructuration volontaire et performance des sociétés (ABSTRACT) External External André, P., Laurin, C., & Mathieu, R.
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