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Robert Mathieu


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Robert Mathieu

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2013 Resume June 2013 PDF PDF (193k) Robert Mathieu
2004 Outside director remuneration and the decision to grant CEO stock options (ABSTRACT) External External Kanagaretnam, K., Mathieu, R., & Ramanan, R.
2004 Earnings Management to Reduce Earnings Variability: Evidence from Bank Loan Loss Provisions (ABSTRACT) External External Kanagaretnam, K., Lobo, G.J., Mathieu, R.
2003 Productivity in 'top-ten" academic accounting journals by researchers at Canadian universities (ABSTRACT) External External Mathieu, R., & McConomy, B.
2003 2003-02 ACC: Information Risk and Earnings Announcements: The Effect of Director Monitoring (Working Paper) PDF PDF (414k) Libby, T., Mathieu, R., & Robb, S.
2003 The Use of Estate Freezes by Family-Owned Businesses (ABSTRACT) External External Feltham, G., Feltham, T., & Mathieu, R.
2003 An economic analysis of the use of student evaluations: Implications for universities External External Kanagaretnam, K., Mathieu, R., & Thevaranjan, A.
2003 Managerial Incentives for Income Smoothing Through Bank Loan Loss Provisions (ABSTRACT) External External Kanagaretnam, K., Lobo, G.J., & Mathieu, R.
2002 A case for flexibility: a bank's loan loss provision (LLP) offers reasons for flexibility in GAAP External External Kanagaretnam, K., & Mathieu, R.
2001 Playing by the rules (ABSTRACT) External External Libby, T., & Mathieu, R.
2001 The deferral value of estate freezes (ABSTRACT) External External Chu, L., Feltham, G., & Mathieu, R.
2001 A note on: Capital adequacy and the information content of term loans and lines of credit (ABSTRACT) External External André, P., Mathieu, R., & Zhang, P.
2000 GAAP for the little guy (ABSTRACT) External External Feltham, G., & Mathieu, R.
2000 Full disclosure: problems with CICA's section 3860 on disclosure of financial instruments raise concern for upcoming standards on recognition and measurement External External Courteau, L., Mathieu, R., & Roy, D.
2000 Vécu et contraintes lors de l'application d'une nouvelle approche pédagogique: Une étude de cas québécoise en comptabilité External External Coulombe, D., Guilbert, L., Lacombe, N., Mathieu, R., & Racine, H.
2000 Restructuration volontaire et performance des sociétés (ABSTRACT) External External André, P., Laurin, C., & Mathieu, R.
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