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December 11, 2016
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Michael Haughton


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Michael Haughton

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2008 The Efficacy of Exclusive Territory Assignment to Delivery Vehicle Drivers (ABSTRACT) External External M. Haughton
2008 The Contribution of Advanced Package Arrival Information to Efficient Ground Deliveries by International Couriers (ABSTRACT) External External M. Haughton
2007 Examining the Business Case for Shipper Participation in Canada-US Trade Security Programs (ABSTRACT) External External M. Haughton
2006 Information Technology Projects by International Logistics Services Providers: The Case of Canada's Small Customs Brokers (ABSTRACT) External External M. Haughton
2006 Assigning Delivery Routes to Drivers Under Variable Customer Demands (ABSTRACT) External External M. Haughton
2003 2003-05 ODS: The Internet as an Information and Service-Delivery Tool in Canada's Customs Brokerage Industry (Working Paper Abstract) External External Haughton, M.A.
2003 A methodology for improved synergy between the classroom and management practices (ABSTRACT) External External Haughton, M.A., Crick, A.P., Moore, S.E., & Nicholson, L.A.
2002 Measuring and managing the learning requirements of route reoptimization of delivery vehicle drivers (ABSTRACT) External External Haughton, M.A.
2002 Route reoptimization's impact on delivery efficiency (ABSTRACT) External External Haughton, M.A.
2002 The role of multi-faceted approaches to resource scheduling problems in Jamaica's health care sector External External Haughton, M.A.
2001 Recent reform in customs administration (ABSTRACT) External External Haughton, M.A., & Desmeules, R.
2000 Quantifying the benefits of route reoptimisation under stochastic customer demands (ABSTRACT) External External Haughton, M.A.
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