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October 22, 2017
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Kalyani Menon


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Kalyani Menon

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2007 The effect of emotional provider support on angry versus anxious consumers (ABSTRACT) External External Menon, K. and Dubé, L.
2007 Building customers' affective commitment towards retail banks: The role of CRM in each 'moment of truth' (ABSTRACT) External External Menon, K. and O'Connor, A.
2004 Service Provider Responses to Anxious and Angry Consumers: Different Challenges, Different Payoffs (ABSTRACT) External External Menon, K. and Dubé, L.
2000 Multiple roles of consumption emotions in post-purchase satisfaction with extended service transactions (ABSTRACT) External External Dubé, L., & Menon, K.
2000 Ensuring greater satisfaction by engineering salesperson response to customer emotions (ABSTRACT) External External Menon, K., & Dubé, L.
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