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Greg Irving


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Greg Irving

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2011 A Three-Component Model of Customer Commitment to Service Providers PDF PDF (156k) Bansal, Irving, and Taylor
2011 Another look at the locus of control-organizational commitment relationship: it depends on the form of commitment PDF PDF (91k) Coleman, Irving, and Cooper
2011 The Moderating Effect of Different Forms of Commitment on Role Ambiguity-Job Tension Relations PDF PDF (1.90MB) Irving and Coleman
2011 Further Assessments of a Three-Component Model of Occupational Commitment: Generalizability and Differences Across Occupations PDF PDF (671k) Irving, Coleman, and Cooper
2011 Reexamination of the Met-Expectations Hypothesis: A Longitudinal Analysis PDF PDF (1.10MB) Irving and Meyer
2011 On Using Direct Measures of Met Expectations: A Methodological Note PDF PDF (1.23MB) Irving and Meyer
2011 On Using Residual Differences Scores in the Measurement of Congruence: The Case of Met Expectations Research PDF PDF (945k) Irving and Meyer
2011 Examination of the Combined Effects of Work Values and Early Work Experiences on Organizational Commitment PDF PDF (249k) Meyer, Irving, and Allen
2011 Evaluating the Management of Interpersonal Conflict in Organizations: A Factor-Analytic Study of Outcome Criteria PDF PDF (1.82MB) Meyer, Irving, and Gemmell
2011 Four Bases of Family Business Successor Commitment: Antecedents and Consequences PDF PDF (128k) Sharma and Irving
2005 The Moderating Effect of Negative Affectivity in the Procedural Justice-job satisfaction Relations External External Irving, P.G., Coleman, D.F., & Bobocel, D.R.
2005 Four Bases of Family Business Successor Commitment: Antecedents and Consequences (ABSTRACT) External External Sharma, P., & Irving, P.G.
2003 The moderating effect of different forms of commitment on role ambiguity-job tension relations (ABSTRACT) External External Irving, P.G., & Coleman, D.F.
2001 Personality, Autonomy, and Contextual Performance of Managers External External Gellatly, I.R., & Irving, G.
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