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March 1, 2017
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Chet Robie

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2014 Light already defines darkness: Understanding normal and maladaptive personality in the workplace External External Christiansen, N. D., Quirk, S. W., Robie, C., & Oswald, F. L.
2013 Personality testing and the "F-word": Revisiting seven questions about faking (ABSTRACT) External External Griffith, R. L., & Robie, C.,
2013 Web-based multisource reference checking: An investigation of psychometric integrity and applied benefits (ABSTRACT) External External Hedricks, C. A., Robie, C., & Oswald, F. L.
2011 Further consideration of the use of narrow trait scales (ABSTRACT) External External Christiansen, N. D., & Robie, C.
2011 Effects of an economic recession on leader personality and general mental ability scores (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Emmons, T., Tuzinski, K. A., & Kantrowitz, T.
2010 The effects of coaching and speeding on Big Five and impression management scale scores (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Komar, S., & Brown, D. J.
2010 Speeding personality measures to reduce faking: A self-regulatory model (ABSTRACT) External External Komar, S., Komar, J. A., Robie, C., & Taggar, S.
2009 The effects of warnings and speeding on scale scores and convergent validity of conscientiousness (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Taggar, S., & Brown, D. J.
2009 Managerial willingness to assume traveling, short-term and long-term global assignments (ABSTRACT) External External Konopaske, R., Robie, C., & Ivancevich, J. M.
2008 Creation of norms for the purpose of global talent management (ABSTRACT) External External Hedricks, C., Robie, C., & Harnisher, J. V.
2008 Relationship between major personality traits and managerial performance: Moderating effects of derailing traits (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Bly, P. R.
2008 Faking and the validity of conscientiousness: A Monte Carlo investigation (ABSTRACT) External External Komar, S., Brown, D. J., Komar, J. A., & Robie, C.
2007 A social relations analysis of team performance ratings (ABSTRACT) External External Greguras, G. J., Robie, C., Born, M. Ph., & Koenigs, R. J.
2007 Do people fake on personality inventories? A verbal protocol analysis (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Beaty, J. C.
2007 Measurement equivalence of a personality inventory administered on the internet versus a kiosk (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., & Brown, D. J.
2006 Effects of perceived selection ratio on personality test faking (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C.
2006 A survey of assessor beliefs and practices related to faking (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Tuzinski, K. A., & Bly, P.R.
2005 Interdependence as a moderator of the relationship between competitiveness and objective sales performance (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Shepherd, W. J.
2005 The Big Five in the USA and Japan (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., Brown, D. J., & Bly, P. R.
2005 Perceptions of ethical behaviour among business faculty in Canada (ABSTRACT) External External Robie, C., & Keeping, L. M.
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