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December 3, 2016
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Chatura Ranaweera

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2008 Web site satisfaction and purchase intentions: Impact of personality characteristics during initial web site visit (ABSTRACT) External External Ranaweera, C., Bansal, H., and McDougall, G.
2007 Are Satisfied Long-Term Customers more Profitable? Evidence from the Telecommunication Sector (ABSTRACT) External External Ranaweera, C.
2003 Best student paper: Some moderating effects on the service quality-customer retention link (ABSTRACT) External External Ranaweera, C., & Neely, A.
2003 The influence of satisfaction, trust and switching barriers on customer retention in a continuous purchasing setting (ABSTRACT) External External Ranaweera, C., & Prabhu, J.
2003 On the relative importance of customer satisfaction and trust as determinants of customer retention and positive word of mouth (ABSTRACT) External External Ranaweera, C., & Prabhu, J.
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