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Lucy Lee

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2012 Long-term storage and impedance-based water toxicity testing capabilities of fluidic biochips seeded with RTgill-W1 cells External External Linda M. Brennan, Mark W. Widder, Lucy E.J. Lee, William H. van der Schalie
2011 In vitro cell culture for the study of Loma morhua External Can't determine type MacLeod MJ, Rumney R, Monaghan SR, Frenette A, Duffy M, Lee LEJ
2011 Development and partial characterization of two cell lines derived from pituitaries of adult Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar PDF PDF (635k) Nguyen T.K. Vo, Michael S. Mikhaeil, and Lucy E.J. Lee
2011 Misidentification of OLGA-PH-J/92, believed to be the only crustacean cell line PDF PDF (483k) Lee LEJ, Bufalino MR, Christie AE, Frischer ME, Soin T, Tsui C, Hanner R, Smagghe G
2011 The Cellulae Volume 7 (2011) PDF PDF (2.84MB) BI236 class of 2011, Coordinator: Dr. Nick Pokorny, Instructor: Dr. Diane Williams
2011 The Cellulae v7 Supplement PDF PDF (1.26MB) BI 236 class
2011 Development of a rainbow trout intestinal epithelial cell line and its response to lipopolysaccharide PDF PDF (1.05MB) Kawano A, Haiduk C, Schirmer K, Hanner R, Lee LEJ, Dixon B & NC Bols
2011 In vitro growth of microsporidia Anncaliia algerae in cell lines from warm water fish PDF PDF (732k) Monaghan SR, Rumney RL, Vo, NTK, Bols NC, Lee LEJ
2010 BI436 Course Outline PDF PDF (65k) Dr. Lucy Lee
2010 Establishment of a myofibroblast cell line from the gastrointestinal tract of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar PDF PDF (5.71MB) Kawano A, Dixon B, Bols NC & Lee LEJ
2010 Development of a permanent cell line derived from fathead minnow testis and their applications in environmental toxicology PDF PDF (2.49MB) Vo NTK, Sansom B, Kozlowski E, Bloch S & Lee LEJ
2010 The Cellulae Volume 6 (2010) PDF PDF (9.74MB) BI236 class of 2010, Coordinator: Dr. Nick Pokorny, Instructor; Dr. Lucy Lee
2009 Bio 236 PDF PDF (88k) Dr. Lucy Lee
2009 Microfluidic system with integrated electroosmotic pumps, concentration gradient generator and fish cell line-towards water toxicity testing PDF PDF (703k) Glawdel T, Elbuken C, Lee LEJ & Ren CL
2009 Establishment of cell cultures from the gastrointestinal tract of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar PDF PDF (4.87MB) Lee, L.E.J., A. Kawano, B. Inthavong, B. Dixon and N.C. Bols
2009 The Cellulae Volume 5 (2009) PDF PDF (705k) Bio231 class of 2009 Instructor: Dr. Diane Williams
2009 Applications and potential uses of fish gill cell lines: examples with RTgill-W1 PDF PDF (610k) Lee LEJ, Dayeh VR, Schirmer K & Bols NC
2009 Animal cell cultures in microsporidial research: their general roles and their specific use for fish microsporidia PDF PDF (349k) Monaghan SR, Kent ML, Watral VG, Kaufman RJ, Lee LEJ, Bols NC
2009 Establishment of long term cultures of neural stem cells from adult sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax PDF PDF (739k) Servili A., Bufalino MR, Nishikawa R, Sanchez de Melo I, Muñoz-Cueto JA, Lee LEJ
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