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Janet McLellan

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2010 RE424: Format for Weekly Reading Response DOC DOC (40k) Janet McLellan
2005 Aunt(y) Jemima in Spiritual Baptist Experience in Toronto: Spiritual Mother or Servile Woman? PDF PDF (1.23MB) Carol B. Duncan
2005 Social Capital and Identity Politics Among Asian Buddhists in Toronto PDF PDF (136k) Janet McLellan and Marybeth White
2005 A Sundancer's Story: Narrative and Ceremonial Moments PDF PDF (481k) Kay Koppedrayer
2005 Gandhi's Autobiography as commentary on the Bhagavad Gita PDF PDF (1012k) Kay Koppedrayer
2005 Swami Vivekananda's presentation of Hinduism at the Worlds Parliament of Religions, 1893 PDF PDF (920k) Kay Koppedrayer
2005 Ritual Criticism PDF PDF (662k) Ron Grimes
2005 Ritual, Performance and the Sequestering of Sacred Space PDF PDF (752k) Ron Grimes
2005 Cambodian Refugees in Ontario: Religious Identities, Social Cohesion and Transnational Linkages RTF RTF (84k) Janet McLellan
2005 Giving to Peter What Has Belonged to Paul PDF PDF (3.90MB) Michel Desjardins
2005 A Buddhist’s Reflections on Religious Conversion PDF PDF (175k) Richard P. Hayes
2005 Americans Need Something to Sit On,” or Zen Meditation Materials and Buddhist Diversity in North America PDF PDF (437k) Douglas M. Padgett
2005 Appropriating the Didjeridu and the Sweat Lodge: New Age Baddies and Indigenous Victims? PDF PDF (191k) Christina Welch
2005 “Christians! Go home”: A Revival of Neo-Paganism between the Baltic Sea and Transcaucasia (An Overview) PDF PDF (174k) Victor A. Shnirelman
2005 Creating Divine Unity: Chinese Recruitment in the Sathya Sai Baba Movement of Malaysia PDF PDF (273k) ALEXANDRA KENT
2005 Dr Ambedkar's Social Reform through Buddhism PDF PDF (79k) Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
2005 Efforts to Christianize Europe, 400–2000 PDF PDF (195k) Rodney Stark
2005 Enchantment with Tibetan Lamas in the United States PDF PDF (119k) DANIEL CAPPER
2005 Epidemics, Psycho-Actives and Evangelical Conversion among the Airo-Pai of Amazonian Peru PDF PDF (142k) LUISA ELVIRA BELAUNDE
2005 Globalizing Chinese Culture, Localizing Buddhist Teachings: the Internationalization of Foguangshan PDF PDF (275k) Stuart Chandler
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