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October 23, 2017
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Mindi Foster

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2011 The dynamic nature of coping with gender discrimination: Appraisals, strategies and well-being over time. PDF PDF (217k) Foster, M.
2011 Perceiving pervasive discrimination over time: Implications for coping. PDF PDF (519k) Foster, M. D. (2009)
2011 Using objectification theory to examine the effects of a media literacy intervention on women PDF PDF (165k) Choma, B., Foster, M. D. & Radford, E.
2006 Meritocracy beliefs, personal discrimination and well-being: The benefits of post-shattered assumptions over shattered assumptions PDF PDF (176k) Foster, M., Sloto, L., Ruby, R.
2005 The motivational quality of shattered assumptions when responding to an acute experience of gender discrimination PDF PDF (100k) Foster, M. D. & Tsarfati, E. M.
2004 The role of hardiness in moderating the relationship between global/specific attributions and actions against discrimination PDF PDF (94k) Foster, M. D., & Dion, K. L.
2004 Minimizing the pervasiveness of womenís personal experiences of gender discrimination PDF PDF (86k) Foster, M. D., Jackson, C. L., Hartmann, R., & Woulfe, S.
2004 When the advantaged become disadvantaged: Menís and womenís actions against gender discrimination PDF PDF (80k) Foster, M. D., Arnt, S., & Honkola, J.
2003 Dispositional hardiness and womenís well-being relating to gender discrimination: The role of minimization PDF PDF (139k) Foster, M. D. & Dion, K. L.
2001 The motivational quality of global attributions in hypothetical and experienced situations of gender discrimination PDF PDF (90k) Foster, M. D.
1999 Acting out against discrimination: The effects of different social identities PDF PDF (191k) Foster, M. D.
1995 Double relative deprivation: Combining the personal and political PDF PDF (171k) Foster, M. D.
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