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December 5, 2016
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Pension & Retirement Services

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2016 Pension Plan Rate of Return PDF PDF (59k) Mary Jo DaSilva
2016 Statement of Investment Policy and Procedures PDF PDF (138k) Human Resources
2016 2015 Pension Fund Financial Statements PDF PDF (113k) KPMG
2016 Historical Pension Fund Annual Rate of Return PDF PDF (17k) Human Resources
2016 Pension Plan Summary PDF PDF (105k) P. Cant
2016 Supplemental Pension Arrangement - FAQ's PDF PDF (130k) Mary Jo DaSilva
2015 2014 Pension Plan Financial Statements PDF PDF (6.42MB) KPMG
2015 FAQ: Upcoming Pension Plan, Post-Retirement and Active Benefit Plan Changes PDF PDF (170k) Human Resources
2015 Online Pension Information Portal Instructions PDF PDF (1.33MB) HR
2015 Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program - Frequently Asked Questions PDF PDF (161k) HR
2014 2013 Annual Pension Plan Information Brochure PDF PDF (669k) Human Resources
2014 Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures PDF PDF (169k) Reviewed by Pension Committee
2014 Pension Plan Governance Administration Manual PDF PDF (244k) Human Resources
2014 WLU Pension Plan Changes PDF PDF (121k) HR
2014 2014 University Required Contributions PDF PDF (182k) Morneau Shepell
2014 Pension Plan Sustainability FAQ PDF PDF (325k) HR
2014 Pension Changes other Univerities have made chart PDF PDF (35k) Human Resources
2014 Pension Plan Stage 2 Solvency Relief Application PDF PDF (644k) Human Reousrces
2013 2012 Pension Financial Statements PDF PDF (442k) KPMG LLP Chartered Accountants
2013 Pension Plan Records Management and Retention Procedures DOC DOC (402k) Melissa Jutzi
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View all Pension & Retirement Services documents