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April 27, 2017
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Employee Relations

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2017 Posted Notice - Updated Appendix B PDF PDF (74k) Wilfrid Laurier University and United Food & Commercial Workers
2016 Overtime Averaging: ESA Averaging Approval PDF PDF (108k) K. Konopka
2016 Overtime Averaging: 4 Week Schedule XLSX XLSX (15k) K. Konopka
2016 Research Assistant and Associate Handbook PDF PDF (263k) HR
2016 WLUFA Part-time Collective Agreement 2016 - 2019 PDF PDF (772k) Wilfrid Laurier University & Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association
2016 Position Approval Process Flow Chart PDF PDF (219k) S.Hawkins
2016 Position Approval Process Frequently Asked Questions DOCX DOCX (31k) S. Hawkins
2016 Employee Issue Resolution Process (EIRP Flowchart) PDF PDF (77k) HR
2015 UFCW Collective Agreement August 2015 - July 2018 PDF PDF (927k) Kelly deJong
2015 Employee Issue Resolution Process (EIRP) Appeal Submission Form PDF PDF (174k) HR
2015 Graduate Teaching Assistant Handbook PDF PDF (221k) K. Konopka
2015 Postdoctoral Fellows Handbook PDF PDF (240k) K.Konopka
2015 SA-15-005 Merit PDF PDF (33k) Wilfrid Laurier University and Wilfrid Laurier University Staff Association/OSSTF D35
2015 Annual Performance Review Form for WLUSA/OSSTF Staff (WORD) DOC DOC (0b) WLUSA/University
2015 WLUSA Annual Performance Review Frequently Asked Questions DOCX DOCX (30k) HR
2015 WLUSA Annual Performance Review Training Slides for Staff PPTX PPTX (5.98MB) WLUSA/HR
2015 Facilitating the WLUSA Annual Performance Outline Document with Staff PDF PDF (88k) M. Will
2015 Request for Reconsideration DOC DOC (63k) P. Cant
2015 Process for Reconsideration of Job Evaluation Results PDF PDF (23k) Human Resources
2015 WLUSA/OSSTF Annual Performance Review Guide PDF PDF (332k) Labour Relations
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