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December 9, 2016
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Donna Kotsopoulos

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2012 KNAER PME Kalamazoo 2012 PDF PDF (879k) Bruyns, Cordy, Kotsopoulos, & Lee
2012 iCon 2012 KNAER TVDSB PDF PDF (881k) Kotsopoulos & Cordy
2011 The impact of mathematics education research on pre-service teacher education PDF PDF (202k) Kotsopoulos,Morselli, & Purdy, 2011
2011 PME-NA Nevada 2011 Good Quality Work PDF PDF (187k) Kotsopoulos and Clarkson
2010 Symmetry Lesson 1 PDF Can't determine type Donna Kotsopoulos, LFP
2010 Symmetry Lesson 2 PDF Can't determine type Donna Kotsopoulos
2008 CSSE Paper Vancouver 2008 PDF PDF (127k) Buzza, D., Kotsopoulos, D., & Mueller, J.
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