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September 24, 2017
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2011 Pricing and inventory strategies for a two-stage dual-channel supply chain (ABSTRACT) External External Niu, A.R., X. Zhao, I. Castillo, and T. Joro
2010 Aggregating data for the flow-intercepting location model: a GIS, optimization, and heuristic framework (ABSTRACT) External External Zeng, W., I. Castillo, and M.J. Hodgson
2010 Selecting distribution channels strategies for nonprofit organizations (ABSTRACT) External External Zhao, X., A.R. Niu, and I. Castillo
2010 A generalized model for locating facilities on a network with flow-based demand (ABSTRACT) External External Zeng, W., I. Castillo, and M.J. Hodgson
2009 Workforce scheduling with multiple objectives (ABSTRACT) External External Castillo, I., T. Joro, and Y. Li
2009 Socially optimal location of facilities with fixed servers, stochastic demand and congestion (ABSTRACT) External External Castillo, I., A. Ingolfsson, and T. Sim
2009 Achieving Resource Efficiency by Customs Administrations in A Constrained Economic Climate: A Critical Examination External External Michael Haughton and Sapna Isotupa
2009 Impact of Adjuster Moral Hazard on Driving Records External External Mary Kelly, K.P. Sapna Isotupa, Anne Kleffner
2009 The pickup problem: consumers' locational preferences in flow interception (ABSTRACT) External External Zeng, W., M.J. Hodgson, and I. Castillo
2008 DNM: An Emerging Form of Collaboration Networks External External Noori, H., & Lee, W.B.
2008 Web Initiatives and E-Commerce Strategy External External R. Craig
2008 E-Government and SMEs External External R. Craig
2008 Making Supply Chain Design the Rational Differentiating Characteristic of the OEMs (ABSTRACT) External External Noori, H., & D. Georgescue
2008 The Efficacy of Exclusive Territory Assignment to Delivery Vehicle Drivers (ABSTRACT) External External M. Haughton
2008 The Contribution of Advanced Package Arrival Information to Efficient Ground Deliveries by International Couriers (ABSTRACT) External External M. Haughton
2008 Integrated software tools for the OR/MS classroom (ABSTRACT) External External Castillo, I., T. Lee, and J.D. Pintér
2008 Solving circle packing problems by global optimization: numerical results and industrial applications (ABSTRACT) External External Castillo, I., F.J. Kampas, and J.D. Pintér
2007 Examining the Business Case for Shipper Participation in Canada-US Trade Security Programs (ABSTRACT) External External M. Haughton
2007 SMEs and Portals External External R. Craig
2007 Building an Adaptive Manufacutring Enterprise for the Hong Kong Watchmaking Industry (ABSTRACT) External External Noori, H., Lee, W.B., & Lau, F.
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View all Business: Operations & Decision Sciences (ODS) Area documents