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October 22, 2017
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2011 Corporate Disclosures: Why companies choose to disclose, or not, forward-looking information in their corporate annual reports.  Can't determine type Merridee Bujaki and Bruce J. McConomy
2010 Long term income tax liability for large corporations in China: 1008-2007  Can't determine type Tao Zeng
2010 Ownership concentration, state ownership and effective tax rates: Evidence from China’s listed firms  Can't determine type Tao Zeng
2007 Does the Current Accounting Treatment of Operating Leases provide Sufficient Information on the Lease Liabilities? PDF PDF (289k) Ling Chu
2007 The Stock Market Valuation of R&D Information in Biotech Firms (ABSTRACT) PDF Can't determine type Xu, B., M. Magnan & Andrew, P.
2007 Beijing Biotechnology Company: Financial Reporting Issues of Expansion to the West (ABSTRACT) External External Xu, B., & McConomy, B.
2007 Life-Cycle Impact on the Value Relevance of Common Risk Factors (ABSTRACT) External Can't determine type B.Xu
2007 Income Tax Accounting Policy Choice: Exposure Draft Responses and the Early Adoption Decision by Canadian Companies (ABSTRACT) External External Merridee Bujaki and Bruce J. McConomy
2007 Do Investors Delay their Response to Earnings? PDF PDF (251k) Dr. Hai Lu
2006 R&D Strategy and Stock Price Volatility in the Biotechnology Industry (ABSTRACT) External External B. Xu
2006 R&D Progress, Stock Price Volatility and Post-Announcement Drift: An Empirical Invesitgation into Biotech Firms (ABSTRACT) External External B. Xu
2006 Market Differential Evaluations of Strategic Alliances in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry (ABSTRACT) External External B. Xu
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