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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2013 Conceptual Advances in Role Perceptions in Sport PDF PDF (149k) Benson, A. J., Surya, M., & Eys, M. A.
2013 Evolutionary sport and exercise psychology: Integrating proximate and ultimate explanations PDF PDF (346k) Shea, M. B., Eys, M. A., & Schulte-Hostedde, A.I.
2013 Athletes' perceptions of role acceptance in interdependent sport teams PDF PDF (126k) Benson, A. J., Eys, M. A., Surya, M., Dawson, K., & Schneider, M.
2013 Examining the origins of team building in sport: A citation network and genealogical approach PDF PDF (1.19MB) Bruner, M . W., Eys, M. A., Beauchamp, M. R., & Coté, J.
2013 Exploring the nature of interpersonal influence in elite individual sport teams PDF PDF (210k) Evans, B, Eys, M. A., & Wolf, S.
2013 Coach-initiated motivational climate and cohesion in youth sport PDF PDF (172k) Eys, M. A., Jewitt, E., Evans, M. B., Wolf, S., Bruner, M. W., & Loughead, T. M.
2013 The role of self-determination in the relationship between social support and physical activity intentions PDF PDF (210k) George, M., Eys, M. A., Oddson, B., Roy-Charland, A., Schinke, R. J., Bruner, M. W.
2013 Cohesion in sport: New directions for practitioners PDF PDF (163k) Martin, L. J., Paradis, K. F., Eys, M. A., & Evans, B.
2013 Validation of the child sport cohesion questionnaire PDF PDF (176k) Martin, L. J., Carron, A. V., Eys, M. A., & Loughead, T.
2012 Development of a cohesion inventory for children's sport teams PDF PDF (84k) Martin, L. J., Carron, A. V., Eys, M. A., & Loughead, T. M.
2012 Group dynamics in sport: An overview and recommendations on diagnostic and intervention PDF Can't determine type Kleinert, J., Ohlert, J., Carron, B., Eys, M., Feltz, D., Hardwood, C., Linz, L., Seiler, R., & Sulprizio, M.
2012 Investigating the effectiveness of an arts-based and mindfulness-based group program for the improvement of resilience in children in need PDF PDF (470k) Coholic,D., Eys, M., & Lougheed, S.
2012 The analysis of a group-mediated cognitive-behavioral physical activity intervention PDF PDF (182k) Kabaroff, J. L., Eys, M. A., Schinke, R. J., Eger, T.
2012 Athletes' perceptions of role ambiguity and coaching competency in sport teams: A multilevel analysis PDF PDF (158k) Bosselut, G., Heuzé, J., Eys, M. A., Fontayne, P., & Sarrazin, P.
2012 Seeing the "we" in "me" sports: The need to consider individual sport team environments PDF PDF (717k) Evans, B., & Eys, M. A.
2012 Understanding physical activity through the experiences of adolescent girls PDF PDF (241k) Yungblut, H .E., Schinke, R. J., McGannon, K . R., & Eys, M. A.
2012 Reciprocity of the relationship between role ambiguity and group cohesion in youth interdependent sport teams PDF PDF (234k) Bosselut, G., McLaren, C. D., Eys, M. A., & Heuzé, J. P.
2012 Psychometric properties of the youth experience survey with young athletes PDF Can't determine type MacDonald, D. J., Côte, J., Eys, M. A., & Deakin, J.
2011 The role of enjoyment and motivational climate in relation to the personal development of team sport athletes PDF PDF (229k) MacDonald, D., Côté, J., Eys, M. A., & Deakin, J.
2011 Informal roles on sport teams PDF PDF (181k) Cope, C. J., Eys, M. A., Beauchamp, M. R., Schinke, R. J., & Bosselut, G.
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