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October 18, 2017
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Margaret Walton-Roberts

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2014 Nursing Education in Punjab and Its Role in Overseas Migration PDF PDF (1.08MB) Smita Bhutani, Pradita Gupta and Margaret Walton-Roberts
2013 Global Nurse MIgration PDF PDF (1.74MB) M.Walton-Roberts
2012 The housing preferences and location choices of second-generation South Asians living in ethnic enclaves PDF PDF (319k) Virpal Kataure & Margaret Walton-Roberts
2012 Contextualizing the global nursing care chain: PDF PDF (640k) Margaret Walton-Roberts
2011 GeoForum - Weak ties, immigrant women and neoliberal states: Moving beyond the public/private binary PDF PDF (328k) MWR
2011 Political Geography - Rescaling citizenship: gendering Canadian immigration policy PDF PDF (128k) MWR
2011 Diaspora Sikh Philanthropy in Punjab: The role of ‘vision’, transformation and sustainability in NRI healthcare philanthropy PDF PDF (55k) MWR
2011 MWR 2010 Fam Geog Ch 9 PDF PDF (158k) MWR
2011 Conference event PDF PDF (84k) Misc
2011 Assessing the Complexities of South Asian Migration PDF PDF (1.41MB) Margaret Walton-Roberts and Simon Chilvers
2010 Student Nurses and Their Post Graduation Migration Plans: A Kerala Case Study PDF PDF (270k) Margaret Walton-Roberts
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