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December 8, 2016
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2007 2007-03 EC: Why Have the Labour Force Participation Rates of Older Men Increased Since the Mid 1990s (working paper) PDF PDF (447k) T. Schirle
2007 2007-01 EC: Revisiting the Coyne Affair: A Singular Event That Changed the Course of Canadian Monetary History (working paper) PDF PDF (281k) P. Siklos
2006 2006-11 EC: Measuring the Impact of Intervention on Exchange Market Pressure (working paper) PDF PDF (350k) P. Siklos & D. Waymark
2006 2006-10 EC: What Can We Learn from Comprehensive Data Revisions for Forecasting Inflation: Some US Evidence (working paper) PDF PDF (364k) P. Siklos
2006 2006-09 EC: Policy Words and Policy Deeds: The ECB and the Euro (working paper) PDF PDF (413k) P. Siklos & M. Bohl
2006 2006-08 EC: Identifying the Shocks Driving Inflation in China (working paper) PDF Can't determine type P. Siklos & Y. Zhang
2006 2006-07 EC: The Fed's Reaction to the Great Depression: Fact or Artefact (working paper) PDF PDF (308k) P. Siklos
2006 2006-06: EC A Threshold Model of Real US GDP and the Problem of Constructing Confidence Intervals in TAR Models (working paper) PDF PDF (463k) P. Siklos, W. Enders & B. Falk
2006 2006-05: EC: Asset Prices as Indicators of Euro Area Monetary Policy: An Empirical Assessment of Their Role in a Taylor Rule (working paper) PDF PDF (289k) P. Siklos & M. Bohl
2006 2006-04 EC: Search, Costly Price Adjustment and the Frequency of Price Changes - Theory and Evidence (working paper) PDF PDF (311k) J. Konieczny and A. Skrzpacz
2006 2006-03 EC: Discussion of: Lumpy Price Adjustments: A Microeconometric Analysis (working paper) PDF PDF (114k) J. Konieczny
2006 2006-02 EC: Temporal Distribution of Price Changes: Staggering in the Large and Synchronization in the Small (working paper) PDF PDF (567k) E. Dhyne & J. Konieczny
2006 2006-01 EC: Regular Adjustment - Theory and Evidence (working paper) PDF PDF (620k) J. Konieczny and F. Rumler
2005 2005-09 EC: The Role of Economic Factors, Including the Level of Tuition, in Individual University Participation Decisions in Canada (working paper) PDF PDF (177k) D. Johnson and F. Rahman
2005 2005-08 EC: Fraying Over Paying: Who Will Bear the Costs of Greenhouse Policy (working paper) PDF PDF (282k) T. Snoddon & R. Wigle
2005 2005-07 EC: Federal Aspects of the Kyoto Protocol: A Progress Report (working paper) PDF PDF (279k) R. Wigle and T. Snoddon
2005 2005-06 EC: On the Ranking of Bilateral Bargaining Opponents (working paper) PDF PDF (349k) Ross Cressman and Maria Gallego
2005 2005-04 EC: Horizontal mergers and successive oligopoly (working paper) PDF PDF (117k) S. Ziss
2005 2005-03 EC: University Efficiency: A Comparison of Results from Stochastic and Non-Stochastic Methods (working paper) PDF PDF (381k) M.L. McMillan and W. Chan
2005 2005-02 EC: Canada, Public Economics and Climate Change (working paper) PDF PDF (245k) R. Wigle
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