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August 21, 2017
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Clear Language Summaries

Clear Language Research Summaries are designed to remove jargon and create a description of a peer-reviewed discovery that's easy to understand. Many scholarly products in the form of journal articles remain inaccessible to interested knowledge users. Translating academic research into accessible language using clear language writing and design principles is one way of addressing this discrepancy. Final summaries will be designed for use by multiple stakeholders, maximizing the spread of dissemination and the opportunities for contact and uptake by users. 

Summaries will be stored in Scholars Commons to make them available for wide distribution. Profiling published research from across the university and making it accessible through clear language writing, will allow Laurier to engage further, with more clarity, into what Canadian communities are curious to learn more about.


The Office of Research Services, in cooperation York University and the Laurier Library, offers clear language writing training for students, faculty and staff from across Wilfrid Laurier University. Training for the translation, editing, production and dissemination of summaries will focus on understanding research audiences, writing for interdisciplinary and non-scientific readers, and working with faculty in the processes of eliciting, producing, editing and approving clear language summaries of innovative research.

Register for a Clear Language Writing Training workshop here.

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